Wednesday, June 01, 2005


So every year I buy a few more mature perennial's for my garden right in the front of the house. This year I bought 3, along with 3 different color daliah's (love them) for the other side that already has a well established garden. Yesterday after school was the first chance I've had since Monday to plant them.

So I went out and dug and tended and got them all in. Last night I had a meeting that lasted well past 9:30, and when I walked home I stopped to admire how nice it was starting to look and came in.

This morning when I got up was a whole different ballgame. Some naughty little critter had a splendid time last night DIGGING UP MY PLANTS! All my newly planted plants were dug up and lying on their sides next to their holes except one. My rock was turned over , my frog thermometer was knocked over. I, however, was not impressed.

Himself says it was probably a raccoon, or a possum, or perhaps a naughty little squirel digging for worms etc. They better hope they never show their faces in these parts again. We'll see what happens tommorrow.

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Carly said...

Oh man!!! No! That shtinketh.