Wednesday, June 15, 2005

They're coming to take me away ha ha

Oh. My. Goodness. (ok, so I wanted to type it but I'm trying to get better)

I love field trips. I love getting out of school for the day, I love the great places we drive through on the way there, I love the neat things we get to do once we get there, and even having peanut butter and jelly for lunch...cuz isn't that field trip food?

What I don't love is the bus ride. The bus ride there makes me jittery, the bus ride home makes me want to come home and drink myself into a stupor. Busses should have seat belts, if for no other reason, so I don't have to say (a million billion times) "_______ please turn around and keep your feet inside the seat."

Our field trip today was 1.5 hours away to a fabulous science museum along the Connecticut River in VT. That's 3 hours of "keep your hands to yourself" and "please sit down in your seat"-ing.

I need a day off to recover.

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