Sunday, June 26, 2005

Learn something new every day

Some things I learned this weekend:

1. When the roof guy tells you all he needs is 3 rain free days to get the roof done, what he really means is 3 weeks. It's been two so far, and um, yah.. if it's done by the end of this week it'll be a miracle.

2. Being sick in the summer sucks. When says it's 93deg, and feels like 97, the last thing you want to do is curl up under a blanket and sleep until you feel better. What you really want to do is plunge yourself into an ice bath. That won't make you feel better either.

3. And speaking of sleep.. when it's 85 degrees at midnight, and the fan is on and all the windows are open, don't expect to sleep. Forget that you are exausted and sick.. sleep will evade you. All. Night. Long.

4. When your nose and head are all stuffy.. and you can't smell much and your taste buds have gone on vacation... you WILL smell the skunk that has wandered into your back yard. And it will smell horrible.

5. When mom's down for the count, everyone else is "bored" and mopey. Until this weekend I didn't realize I was such a source of entertainment for my household. You'd think for 2 days everyone could just find something productive to do with themselves. No such luck.

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Carly said...

awww... feel better soon