Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In Which We Find Eighteen....

Eighteen is how many school days we have left before our winter break. Eighteen is also how many Advil I will probably take before this week is over. I definitely don't have 18 nerves left.. more like maybe 3. Or perhaps negative three. I'm not sure. Today was a pretty crappy day and I'm just waiting on the boy to unload his work stuff and then I'm having a beer. On a Tuesday. Before 5pm. Ya'll, I know what you're thinking.. but I need the beer.

I am almost done with my shopping. We will finish up this weekend. I am almost caught up on having all my bought things wrapped. I haven't baked. My house is clean but the kitchen (well.. deep cleaned). The decorating is almost done (now that the roof is done I can finish the porch.) And tonight I have a meeting. Off for that beer.

That's the view yesterday morning across the street as the sun came up. That's why I get up each day.

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firefly8868 said...

Well, sometimes you just need a beer. Bottoms up!

Pretty sunrise.