Sunday, November 19, 2006

In Which We Find a Few Thoughts on Things...

Some Things I learned this week, in no particular order of importance:

1. Resolve Carpet Cleaner rocks! People.. a month or more ago I was away from my house. I can't for the life of me remember why I was away. Errands perhaps. A drumming gig perhaps. I might've been abducted by aliens. I really can't say. Anyhow, The Boy was home with the kids. Alone. Unsupervised. He's pretty responsible these days. They are too.. mostly. While I was gone there was an incident involving orange juice being sprayed in some sort of a semi-circle around the chair in my family room. They claim that Ms. Thang was drinking the juice next to the chair in the kitchen and somehow the cup propelled out of her hand (I'm not making this up) and sprayed OJ all over the rug. Now I have several issues with this story. 1. She shouldn't have been standing behind the chair drinking. 2. How does OJ spray out of a cup in a complete semi-circle around a chair, end table and contents in a drop-like pattern? 3. No one told me the extent of the damage. I came home, and inquired why the candle was on the counter. "Mumble, Mumble, OJ, Mumble, Cleaned Up, Mumble." Umm.. ok. FFWD a week later. Know what happens when sticky OJ gets on your rug and isn't cleaned up? Dirt sticks to it. I noticed a half ring of dots surrounding my chair area. (the other half of the circle is the kitchen floor). I inquired something to the extent of "What the hell is on the floor?" and was told it was more than likely from the juice incident. Which would seem to have been bigger than previously thought. I tried the Little Green Machine. Nothing. I was devastated. I hated the unsightly ring of dots on the rug. My eyes went there every time I walked into the room. We only have rugs in 3 rooms in our big old house, and while I don't like them, they're what we have right now and I don't want them horrible looking. FFWD to today. My dearest friend from work told me to get Resolve Carpet Cleaner. Told me it took EVERYTHING OUT, and it would certainly work on that mess on the rug. So I bought some today. In a spray bottle. Spray it on, wait 5 minutes, scrub with a stiff brush (this was my method, your mileage may vary). I left this afternoon for a drumming gig, and when I got back.. I thought tears of joy might leak out of my eyes. My rug... it's all better.

2. I'm not as cool as I thought. Thursday started out the same as many other days. Got up, did stuff, ate breakfast, went upstairs and woke the kids and then got into the shower. I got ready for school and came down to find some teasing going on in the kitchen. Something about a boy.And "going out". I could hear it all the way from the other room. So I holler out, "Stop teasing your sister!" (I really need a recording, my throat would be so appreciative.) I'm then informed that there isn't any teasing going on here. Ms. Thang asked out a boy, and he said yes. So me, in my not really awake state said, "She's not going out with anyone leave her alone!" To which I'm informed by Mr. Man, "A asked Q out and he said yes." And then, just in case I was too dumb to put all that together, she pipes up with, "Yah, I asked Q out and he said yes." To which I responded, "So what, It's not like you are going to go out anywhere." This was followed by much eye rolling and deep exaggerated sighs. Upon relaying this story to The Boy later that night, I was informed,"Oh yah, I knew that last night!" Ummm... Ok. I'll just go crawl back under my rock. 4th graders going out.. give me a break!

3. Parts of me are better, and some.. not so much. Ya'll... it's been 3 months since I fell and sprained my ankle. 3 months of air casts and then support braces and limping and pain and Advil every4 hours for the swelling and pain and OH.MY.GOD.I.AM.TIRED.OF.THIS. It's been feeling better. A lot better. I can walk quickly to work again better. I can lug myself up and down 3 flights of stairs all day and it only aches on a rare occasion better. But.. on Friday... Friday was the real test. Friday I had to run a lap around the gym. (don't even ask). I have to admit.. I was a bit scared. I haven't run in 3 months. Last time I tried to run, I thought my ankle was going to give out from under me. So I started out, and I kept going! It was good. It didn't hurt. I was sooooooo excited! I have to admit, after doing errands all day long and then going for my walk (OMG I have missed my walk!!!) today, it was sore. Then we went and drummed at a church an hour away tonight (not a mass, it was just that the town has a monthly music thing and they hold it at church. We do not discuss my issues with drumming on an altar.. we might be here all night). And I must admit.. it's sore. But just sore. Not painful. Not worse.. sore. My back on the other hand.. OMG. We recorded our yearly CD this week. So I drummed 1.5 hours Monday night. Almost 3 hours Wednesday between after school and night. And last night we played for a little over 2 hours. Then 1.5 hours tonight. When you have to manage 6 big barrel drums it involves a lot of twisting. I need a masseuse. Or a small child with light feet. Oye.

4. Got Gauge? I didn't. I am knitting a cardigan for myself (myself people! take notes! call Guinness!) out of some lovely yarn in a style very similar to one of my favorite sweaters. I didn't check my gauge. I just cast on and had at it. Yesterday I got a point where I could measure and see how it was coming along.
Ya'll... 2 inches too short for the length of the back. 1 stitch too many in each inch. Not a good thing. I frogged the whole thing (umm.. alpaca blends.. do not frog well) and will start over on size 15 needles instead. The best thing about size 15 needles? Should work up a lot faster. I'd love to wear it on Christmas Eve. A sweater is a little more scary than say, socks. Socks are scary because you have to do gussets and mysterious things like heel turning. Sweaters not only have to fit, they have to look good! When I have a good amount of the stitch pattern worked up I'll snap a photo to share. In the meantime.. enjoy the rest of the weekend!

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