Monday, November 13, 2006

Thanksgiving is When?!?!

Ya'll... Thanksgiving is next week (NEXT.WEEK!)... how come no one told me?!?!?! How can Thanksgiving be next week. It was just October. We just had Halloween. We still have candy at my house. I'm not ready for Thanksgiving. And to make matters worse, Christmas is in 6 weeks, and in less than 3 weeks we will celebrate "Uncle Christmas." (my kids gave this name to the day my brothers/their sig. others and my dad come to celebrate Christmas. Due to step-mom's health issues we are celebrating early this year). Umm.. so.not.ready.

Actually, of all this.. I'm almost ready for Uncle Christmas. My house is 3 rooms away from being fall cleaned. (well.. we don't count the bat cave) I've either purchased, or have plans for 90% of the gifts I need for that day. I never carried through with my handmade gift ideas, and I'm not about to start at the 11th hour. I haven't baked. I haven't thought of what we're eating. My house won't be decorated until after Thanks...well... end of next week! YIKES.

Oh, but the best part of Thanksgiving next week... is 2 days of work. Thanksgiving week is my favorite week of the school year. It's like a Monday followed right by a Friday. And then 5 glorious days off. Tomorrow is the Grandparents Luncheon at our school, and as none of the kids grandparents can make it this year, The Boy is going to come have lunch at our school with the kids. I love all the thanksgiving yummy smells that simmer around the halls all day. I love more the warm memories the kids take with them about this special day that they might not otherwise get to enjoy elsewhere. Because lets face it, not everyone can afford a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.

But I'm rambling. I spent the day at the local college at a workshop, and I have a hormonal headache and possibly the worlds worst back ache, so I will leave you with this: Be Kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. ~Plato

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Awesome Abby said...

Love that quote. And I'm so. not. ready. either. So don't be feelin' alone!