Friday, March 09, 2007

Hey It's Friday!

So, Hi! How've you been? I haven't fallen off the planet or been sucked up by visitors from out of space. I have been wicked pisser busy, and maybe very tired too. The week after vacation if always a bit crazy, and on top of that (and some rough days) I have to train the person who's going to do my job (but at the Jr/Sr High School) next year. I never realized how difficult and crazy my job is until I had to try and explain it to someone else. It's exhausting talking about what you're doing and why all day. I feel like in the span of 5 days I've told her eleventy three thousand things already, and haven't even scratched the surface. I can tell she's a bit nervous about next year and considering all I've gone through this year.. I can't say that I blame her one effing bit. If the gods were to smile down on me, next year I will be back in my beloved special ed room doing boring things like reading and the maths (even the hard New Math!). But deep in my heart I feel that it isn't to be, just no one has the cojones to tell me yet.

Mr. Man is over his stomache thing (hello.. 6 days!) and Ms. Thang still hacks and has a bit of an awful cough but she is slowly but surely getting better. The boy has been running interviews for a position in the SAU, and they are doing them after school is out. So last night he got home at 10:00, and I think he said he hopes to be home at 9:00 tonight. I miss him. We have nothing planned for this weekend except for I have to go grocery shopping tomorrow and finish a baby sweater for my friend who had a baby yesterday. It's supposed to be warm so I hope to fill the bird feeders and get out each day for a walk. Nasty rumor that it will be 60 by Wednesday. I can't fathom that, as it was minus 8 when I left for school this morning.

The kids and I are watching The DaVinci Code tonight. With all the hoopla surrounding it, I never had a desire to watch it. I didn't realize really what it was about. I didn't want to see "another religious based flick". Mr. Man is loving it, as I knew he would. Codes and puzzles and things right up his ally. He even got his bible out earlier in the movie to look up a verse that was on a rock. Ms. Thang however has watched most of the movie... choosing to read intermittently at the same time. It's a lot cooler than I ever thought it would be and I think that The Boy would've enjoyed it also. There are about 15 minutes left and it's an interesting twist they've put on the whole premise of my religion. I don't know what to make of it, but it's kind of dark and twisty and provides an evening of good entertainment. I just hope it ends well.


Gregory said...

uh oh....teetering on conversion are we? =) I have not decided whether or not I want to read it or watch it. Probably read!

OneScrappyChick said...

I think I would've prefered reading it also... but the kids wanted to watch it. Not bad.. different.. but not bad.