Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mount Snow

I went out into the yard this afternoon looking for signs of spring. What I found instead, along with eleventy two million pine branches from various bad wind storms, was a mountain of snow that finally melted its way off of the back roof.

It avalanched off the roof the other day after school, which is always a good time if you are around for it. It looks cool as it slides down past the window, and it freaks out the dog. Good times.

I did witness a robin in the yard around dinner time. It had gotten dark and grey outside, and a light rain had started, that has since turned into snow. But the robin was out there, determined to have a good dinner. I watched mesmerized as it pulled worm after worm out of my lawn. It was the first robin of the season which made me quite happy. I turned the heat off upstairs as it hasn't kicked on too much this winter anyhow and hasn't been on in quite a few weeks. In the next few weeks I'll start spring cleaning up there. I have a plan to follow that old theory... If you wish it, it will come.

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Petpig said...

Hi Beth, we have a lot in common. Coffee is my favorite thing. I am still working on the quitting smoking thing thou.
Good luck with that.
Nice to know that you exist, Beth