Saturday, March 31, 2007

Putting it All Together

We chose to assemble the expo project in the guest room. I reasoned that the room wasn't traveled through and the dog would most likely leave it alone in there. We spread out over the floor, the bed and the dresser. We started with sorting out the things that we had collected and that business' and agencies in Vermont had sent us. When we first started the project a million emails went out to different places in VT. Some emailed us back information, some mailed us information and a few promised things they never delivered. The people in VT were very friendly to deal with and we ended up with a ton of stuff, much unlike Utah which was our last state project.

We decided we had three types of things; Made in VT, About VT, and Tourism in VT. Because your project can't focus on one aspect, it worked out perfect. We had 3 display boards and devoted one to each of these three topics. It took all of last Sunday afternoon to get this part of the project done. On top of the displays, the students had to create 3 maps, 3 charts and do 3 projects... 2 of these which were due and shared with the class already. It was fun to go through the things that we had collected over the past 5 months and learn new things that we didn't know. If you ever get the chance, visit Vermont.

This is our collection of things made in Vermont. That Teddy Bear was a Salvation Army fundraising item from Christmastime. The local Salvation gets these bears from Mary Meyer in VT, and for a $5 donation you get what they call a "feed a friend bear". I donated and was going to give the bear away when I realized it was from VT and held on to it. Some of those items are things we use (King Aurthur Flour and Cabot Cheese), some we bought in VT (the VT shaped cheese board and mini maple syrups) and the water bottle came from the Latchis Theatre when I went to see Pan's Labyrinth. My favorite is the Ben and Jerry's ice cream.

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