Monday, September 10, 2007

In Which We Find... Some Needed Prayers

Sometimes, you get good news and things go your way and everything is cheery and happy. Other times, life kicks your arse and leaves you hanging in the lurch, groping for some thread.. some tiny piece of something that you can grab onto and hang on like your life depended on it.

Last night, at apx. 11:30, my brother's best friends baby sister, whom I've known for a long, long time gave birth to her first baby. A lovely little girl whom has been anxiously and impatiently been waited for.

I just saw mom over Labor Day weekend and she was glowing.. and so ready to have this baby. Around 4:00 am.. they noticed she was having trouble breathing. Some x-rays later, and they determined that she had an air pocket outside of her lung that was getting in the way of her lungs inflating and deflating properly. So they inserted a needle into her tiny body to drain the oxygen. Another x-ray later, and they realized that there were more air pockets.. that her lung in fact had a tear in it, and was leaking oxygen out. They quickly put her into an Oxygen tent and began making arrangements for her to be transferred to Boston.

No one really knows anything. Will it heal on it's own? Will she need surgery? Is she going to be OK? Her mom is a wreck.. worried about going to Boston, worried about how she will pay for this.. where will she stay.. but mostly worried about her baby girl.

I can't even remember the last good baby news I had to share. I bet it was when my godson was born. He's 2 now... it's been a long time. If you are so inclined, and even if you aren't, could you think some good thoughts... say a prayer or two? And hug your kids (or your nephews, cousins, friends kids.. neighbors... whatever) a little tighter tonight.

*last years sunflowers.. I'll post this years if it ever stops raining

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