Thursday, September 27, 2007

Some Random Stuff.. on a Thursday

1. Bailey was spayed this week. Tuesday morning to be more exact. The Boy dropped her off on his way to work, and she stayed overnight and until yesterday afternoon on his way home from work. We've only had her here for 4 months, but in that short time she has become such an integrated part of our family. We all (well, I don't know about "Mr. I pretend I hate cats") missed her while she was gone. I was not here when she came back.. and it was so nice to come home from drumming yesterday and hear her jingling on her way to meet me at the door. She was quiet yesterday, and sore. She didn't mew once, and the kids were worried about that.

Today she's got the bounce back in her step (though she's walking funny, though who can blame her) and is back to her mischievous ways. One of my co-workers told me a funny story, when I shared that I missed my cat who was off being spayed, that is sad in a sense. You might remember that I blogged over the summer about my co-workers husband who died in the motorcycle crash. Her youngest daughter, who is 8, is a real peach of a little kid. Anyhow.. she asked my friend the other day if she could have another baby to even out the number of their family again. (she has 2 twins who are 18 and just starting college, and a 10 year old son also) So my friend explained to her that no, in fact she had an operation and can't have any more babies. And her daughter piped up with "You mean you got neutered like the dog?" (bahahaha) That photo, BTW, was taken the end of July.

2. Speaking of babies, my brother's friends little girl.. who I blogged about at the beginning of the month... is home and doing great. Apparently babies heal rather quickly, and she was in Boston in the Oxygen tent for only a few days while her lungs patched themselves up. This was great news and I'm very happy and relieved for them. Thanks for your good thoughts.

3. I'm still sick. I spent last weekend mostly on the couch, as it started as a head cold. Nothing like a head cold to kick your arse. Monday when I got up, I figured, eh.. I feel a little better.. I'll go to work. It wasn't a great idea. By the time the first bell rang, 45 minutes later, I was wishing I had stayed home. Turns out the little girl who got me sick in the first place was absent again, so I went home after lunch. I slept until about 5pm, and then had a heck of a time sleeping that night. Tuesday, when I woke up.. I felt remarkably better. The head cold part seemed to have gone, mostly, but it moved into my chest. Yesterday I woke up with no voice, and it hasn't returned yet. The nurse (my friend from the above story) tells me in order for my voice to return, I need to stop talking, because whisper work in a school.. I can't not talk. I considered staying home tomorrow if it's still not back, but we are really short staffed at the moment, and tomorrow is already looking to be a logistical nightmare getting enough people where they are needed the most. So we will see what happens.

4. Grey's Anatomy: I don't know what to say. I'm glad it is back. I'm glad I watched it. It was good. But it wasn't great. I know that they have a lot to work through to get them to "this season".. but it seemed lacking some of the stuff that makes it Grey's. I was disappointed in Private Practice last night. I will give that show 2 more weeks, and then go back to watching "The Unit" instead. I like Addison on Grey's.. I'm not sure I like her on the new show. I am currently watching my recorded CSI premiere.. and am dying to know how this whole Jorja Fox thing was resolved. And speaking of CSI's.. they didn't catch the bank robber from yesterday. You can read the paper's story here, which was much better than the Channel 9 story from yesterday.

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