Tuesday, September 04, 2007

In Which We Find Some Knitting...

If you came here thinking this post was going to be about me knitting.. I'm sorry to disappoint you. The start of a new school year is always crazy and exhausting, and I haven't picked up my needles since I was on vacation. I do have some knitty things to share however, to end my vacation postings. This is a knitting display that was in a Servants room at Castle In the Clouds. I doubt the total authenticity of it, as the needles are far to fat to have created such fine details with that yarn shown, but I loved walking into the room and seeing it sitting on the rocking chair. Brings you back to a time when knitting was a necessity, not a hobby.

This is me, Friday morning, knitting on the porch. I brought my Copper Zephyr Wool Silk yarn, and started the Easy Flame scarf that Wendy has posted on her website. The Mystery Stole took off in a direction I wasn't ready to go in, and I searched high and low for something else to knit. A lace project to kick off my lace knitting. Something beginner-ish that I could be proud to show off and wear. This scarf was the perfect thing. I have tinked and reknit more rows that I will admit too.. but it's gorgeous and easy. It will be beautiful for fall and as soon as I'm not so damn tired I'll work on it some more.

Somewhere is a photo of Patternworks. It's the knitting Mecca in my area of New England. We were near then when we went to the Castle, so of course we had to stop there too. Ever been around some much beautiful yarn you were overwhelmed and forgot all the gorgeous things you wanted to make and what kind of yarn you needed? Yah. I knew I was planning on going, and should've made a list. I bought some alpaca (the color is really a pale, pretty shade of green)to make a scarf. Figure I can remember my vacation when I'm freezing this winter. The sheep came from a shop in Maine, and the knitting S'more ornament came from the Christmas Loft in North Conway. I couldn't resist.

We spent the last day of our vacation at the lake swimming and playing and enjoying the water/sand/each other. We ended that night with a fire in the pit and headed home on the hottest day of the entire summer. My life is like that. Tonight it's 48 degrees and fall is in the air.

Bring it On.


Meghan said...

Check you out sexy girlfriend!
I need to knit.
You need to come to NJ & teach me!

Sgt said...

I can't say as if yarn has ever distracted me, but I know when I'm surrounded by tons of tools that I just have to have regardless of even knowing what they are, I often forget why I came.

Huh.. I guess we are alike after all.
(if I were you, I would never tell someone that)

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

sorry about the dog. That's not going to be fun. Can you burn some candles?

What a cute photo of you knitting.