Monday, September 17, 2007

Just Another Random Monday....

So, the Emmy's.. yah... didn't watch. I flipped through the major network channels at 9:00pm.. and didn't find them, so we watched some football and part of some movie and called it a night. Of course, I didn't think to check Fox. I hear that the dresses this year were decent, but the hair.. oh my the hair. That's the only reason I watch anyhow... I like to see what everyone is wearing/how they look etc. Maybe that makes me shallow. Maybe it means I don't care that much about Tee-Vee to have to watch award shows.

I had to restore my iPod to it's factory settings tonight. I should've done it sooner, but kept forgetting. I have a batch of songs I purchased from iTunes with a gift cards last winter, that every once in a while wouldn't play. My iPod would just skip over them. I'd synch with my computer, and all would be well for a bit. I did some research and learned that I might want to restore my iPod and reinstall my music. So I'm giving it a whirl. I hope it works. It's a bit irritating. I did have a great time going through my songs however... and I realized I want to make a few playlists for when I walk. Some music doesn't lend itself to the upbeat pace of walking (Kate Bush for example, or Cheryl Crow).. but I have loads of songs that would be perfect and my shuffle feature doesn't always bring them up. So I'll add this to my to-do list, which grows longer by the day.

Our area had it's first frost last night (well, early this morning). Sometime this week, I will head out and clean out my garden. I'd love to give a raving report about how lush and awesome my vegetable garden was this year, but I cannot. I learned a lot of valuable lessons this summer, and next year's garden will be much better. (add height to the boxes, water more often, don't plant so many plants so close together) I did have 6 small variety tomato plants (bigger than a grape, smaller than a roma) that did fabulously.. but that was about it. I harvested a few green peppers, snap peas, green beans, radishes, 2 zucchini and loads of those small tomatoes. Some bird/animal got to my baby eggplants and ate holes into them (this leads me to the bird theory). My cantaloupe didn't do well, and fell off the plant before it ripened. My pumpkins flowered, and flowered, but no pumpkins. I still have baby watermelons out there. They aren't as big as they should've been, but I might harvest them anyhow and see how they turned out. Either way, it was fun and I enjoyed it very much.

I finally got my Ravelry Invite yesterday. On July 4th, this was my status: # 6405 people are ahead of you in line. # 7109 people are behind you in line. Last week, when I remembered about it again, there were 904 people in front of me. I was pretty surprised to get my invite, because I had figured that after waiting since April.. I was going to still be on the list when it goes live. If you're in.. my handle is justplainbeth. If you have no idea what Ravelry is.. that's ok too. I just wanted to share my excitement with some who might understand.


Sgt said...

We had plenty of sibling ravelry growing up.

No really, we have pictures where we mummified my little brother with yarn. I'm so glad there is a group out there dedicated to that fine art.

KathyMarie said...

Hooray for being in Ravelry!

I'm sorry about your lost eggplants -- those are among my top 3 favorite vegetables. Better luck next year.

And woohoo for Ravelry!