Saturday, June 11, 2011

One Thousand Gifts- The Beginning

The other day, I stumbled upon a blog where the author had written a post of things she was grateful for. She talked about how they were part of her 1,000 gifts list, and mentioned a book by the same name. I did a little research, and discovered not only the book, but the blog that author of the book keeps and read the first chapter of the book. I read how a friend challenged her to keep a list, taking however long it took, of 1,000 things she was thankful for. She began to do so, changed her life and wrote about the experience.

There is a movement in the blogosphere called Multiples on Monday, in which people link their 1,000 gift posts back to the person who wrote the book, but I am not participating in that part of it. Nor have I read the book. I have tried, unsuccessfully to keep a gratitude journal in the past. The idea being that every day you write down however many things you are grateful for. My original goal was five, and some days, "waking up today" was at the top of my list. However, I've let it fall by the wayside, and I want to get back to it again. Perhaps every day was too much for me to handle. At the same time, I am trying to convert Sunday to a day of rest. Not for religious reasons, but because my life is so chaotic right now, that I think I need one day off. I am reworking my chore schedule so that Sunday is for relaxing, enjoyment and family.

Starting tomorrow, every Sunday I am going to list 7 things that I am grateful for, until I get to 1,000. Chances are, that after I get to 1,000 I will keep going, but for now, that's my goal. To document the things in my life that are good. To recognize those things that I should be grateful for and not overlooking. To acknowledge, that even in the midst of whatever chaotic things are going on in my life, I am blessed more than I know. To recognize, that I should be living my life fully, instead of just existing. To embrace the wonderful gifts that are bestowed upon me every single day, and to recognize them. To live fully.. right where I am.

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