Friday, August 26, 2011

Farewell to Summer

It always saddens me, every year, when we get to this day... the one before we go back to work. Oh, I know, we still have the weekend, but weekends don't really count, do they? This is, however, the first whole weekend I've had off since early July, and for that I'm thrilled. I'm less thrilled about the hurricane that is coming as it's mucked up our plans to go to the lake (sigh, why has this been such a hard thing this summer, every time we plan it, it rains!), but I think we'll head out to the movies tomorrow afternoon instead. What we do, really doesn't matter to me as much as doing it together.

I realized, as I sat outside with my daughter this afternoon, knitting in the sunshine, that I'm not sad that school is starting. I look forward to the start of each new year. I love my job. I love when we get a new group of students, all fresh and rested and eager to learn. I love catching up with my coworkers and getting back into the swing of the school year. I love the routine that comes with school. Typically, I don't let my routine fall apart during the summer, but this year it all went to heck. In fact, it started back during February break, when my whole life kind of fell apart. I feel like I've been struggling since then to put it back together, to no avail. I'm really hoping that school will get things back on track. I look at the start of the school year the way some people look at New Years. No one is committed to change in the dark, dead of winter. Oh you can say you are, but really.. the cold and gloominess does you in. Fall is a much easier time to implement change, especially if your job starts over again, as mine does. 

So as we get ready for workshop days, and hurricanes, and the first bell to ring on Wednesday (if the weather cooperates), I am going to spend the weekend with my family. Puttering about my house, doing some crafty things, baking pancakes and waffles to put in the freezer for them to grab on those rushed mornings, and just enjoying my family. If we can't go to the lake, and enjoy a lazy evening in the backyard around the table after a grilled dinner, so be it. Maybe we'll say farewell to summer next weekend instead.

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