Monday, August 01, 2011

Rainy Afternoon Fun

A while ago, I made plans with my friend to spend some time together and end the day with dinner at my house. On Thursday, I realized that I was feeling overwhelmed with how my life has been so crazy as of late and how I hadn't had a real day off in ages, and she offered to give up our plans. She's a great friend. I asked if we could change them, and instead just plan on her and her mom (who's staying with her this summer and I love) coming for dinner and games after. We play cards or a board game or something fun to pass the evening. Because she's so awesome, she never once complained about our plans changing and happily accepted.

The past few weeks I've been really struggling with the lack of communication thing I mentioned in an earlier post. It's one of those things that weighs you down until you feel like you are drowning under the weight of it all. After 3 or 4 days of minimal talk, forget actual communication, yesterday I woke up in a really dark mood about it all. I tried to turn it around, and by noon I realized it wasn't to be. I txt'd my friend, because I was too ugly to talk on the phone and told her I wasn't up to pretending that I was in a good mood or that there was peace in my house. She told me she hoped my weekend got better and we'd get together soon. Such a great friend, did I mention that?

Today I had the day off, and Ms. Thang mentioned we should do something fun after the dentist appointment I had. I came home, ate some late lunch and called up my friend and asked if her and mom wanted to join us girls for some mini golf. The sky had gotten dark, but it passed and the sun was back out so we made plans to meet at 2:30.  Around 2:10 Ms. Thang informed me that severe thunderstorms were forming in our county and they just issued an alert. We looked at the sky, and went anyhow. Golf only costs $3 (it was $2 all the  we've lived here before this.. still a steal if you ask me!) and we figured we'd wait out the rain if it started.

First came the thunder. Then a crack of lightning. We made it to the second hole when the big, fat rain drops started in, so we took shelter under the covered bridge of the third hole. We laughed and chatted as the storm raged on around us. Finally the rain subsided, and we continued our game. Somewhere, halfway through the third hole, the hail started. We got to hole 5, and were driven back under the bridge by more rain and another round of thunder/lightning/wind. We arrived at the golf place at 2:30 and finished our game around 4:00. As we were at the 17th hole, a huge crack of lightning went from the sky, down to the ground somewhere west of us, and we hurriedly finished our game and left. The owner treated us all to free game passes and told us to come back when it was sunny. I thought that was generous of him, as we really enjoyed our time spent together, rain or no rain.

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