Friday, September 16, 2005

5 things I couldn't live without

1. Coffee. I only drink one cup in the morning, and the same at night before bed (which is way down from how much I used to drink)..but I couldn't do without it. In fact, I've drunken about 2-3 sips each morning this week and have had a kick arse headache each day that I finally realized today might be caffeine related. This is something I plan to work on. Elementary School+headache=a bad day.

2. My watch. I know this sounds silly..but I feel naked without my watch. I look at my watch instead of a clock (this bodes back to my pre-glasses era when I couldn't make out the clock) 90% of the time. If I can't have my watch (only due to a dead battery) I still look at my arm and I get frustrated that I don't have my watch. I have had my same watch now for years. 7 I think would be the correct number, and I don't know what I'd do if something ever happened to it. I love my watch.

3. Water. I don't drink milk (except on Sundays at dinner), I don't drink soda, I have a small glass of Ruby Red Light in the morning... I drink water. All day long. All year long. I have a harder time once school starts up although I'm making a conscious effort to be better about this, but water is the only thing I drink. I don't add anything to my water, I don't much care for it ice cold. Just good ole H2O. Hold the twist.

4. My Husband. Ok, I know that sounds corny, but it's totally true. He is as important to me as the very air I breathe. He is the reason I get up when I fall, the reason I keep on when I feel like I can't go one step further, the best part of who I am is because of him.

5. My bed. Where I am presently headed. Much too late I might add, even if it is a Friday.

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Angie said...

I can relate with husband & bed (though I really really need a new one or a new top for this one, which I am working on)....