Thursday, September 15, 2005

Little Weather Girl

Thanks to my friend Carly I have a cute lil weather girl over there in the the sidebar. An interesting tidbit I learned setting her up, is that while it is 66 deg currently at my house, the relative humidity is 93.9%. Think about that for a minute. Let it sink deep into the darkest ravines of your brain, and then think about it some more. It is sooooo effing humid out, that the fog is heavier than the national debt. It's so foggy that I can't see across the way into the common. It looks like a fire has over taken my town and engulfed it in a heavy white smoke. The air is so wet you can almost drink it. After a week of dry hot temps that brought on fire dangers and all kinds of icky "hot and dry" problems it's like we did a complete 180 to the extreme other side of the weather spectrum. Ophelia is pushing her way on up, and they expect more torrential downpours tomorrow night through Saturday. Apparently the downpours we got today weren't even related. Who knew? So I am off to try and figure how to sleep in this wet heavy air and not drown in my sleep.


Carly said...

she's cute. mine is a little bit hootchie.


Angie said...

wonder why all I see of little pixie is a big red x? :( That's the way I've been seeing mine lately too on livejournal.