Thursday, September 08, 2005

Who? Me?! Blog?! Never!

I'm tired ya'll. Like, sit down in the chair and just stay there forever tired. I'm physically tired, mentally tired, and hell..even my hair is tired. I know it's only the second week of school, and that we had Monday off, but that seems so long ago. I've been meaning to blog, but my brain is too tired to be witty.. too tired to think of what to write about..too tired to remember what I did yesterday forget last week. TIRED! I know in my brain that the first month back is the hardest...well.. no, the last one is usually tough too.. but boy. I need a vacation!

So, what's new here? I don't know..let's think a bit. Maybe a few winks in between things will help.

Soccer sign-up's are tonight. Which means many cold mornings on the soccer field, and sitting on a cold bleacher bench watching practices and doing scho....knitting. Woah! I can knit during practice. I've been too damn tired to knit at night..maybe this will help. Or at least I can make a mate for my sock. Oh! Sock!! I finished my first sock. It's a little baggier than I'd like, and I'm sure I didn't kitchner the toe correctly..but it's a sock. And it fits. And it's mine. I'm so proud. I'd post a photo, but I'd have to get up and find the camera and ya know, that's an awful lot like work.

My steel drum group started drumming last night (we take the summer off) and not only are we going to be recording for the 2005 CD, we have been invited to play in the Steel Drum festival in Conway this year. Woot. Actually.. it's in May of next year, but still. We got 3 new drums, and I got there early and now one of them is mine to play. Someday I'd like to have my own drum, but whew $1000 is a lot of money.

Fall is sneaking in. The leaves are starting to turn, the mornings are chilly and the afternoons are hot and soon that smell will creep in. I love that fresh crisp fall air smell. In 3 weeks we'll go apple picking which is one of my favorite fall days.. and I'm really looking forward to it. I love fall. Even if it brings that horrid thing called winter after it.

4 (FOUR!) people I know are pregnant and all due within the same few weeks of each other. So far one is a girl (early testing for other reasons).. one I suspect is a girl based on where she's hanging out in mom's tummy (which is making my friend a little batty, but I think it's great).. and the other two aren't known, and likely one won't be until they decide to make their arrival.
I love babies. I'm so excited. I plan to spend some quality time this winter making adorable little baby things. It will help pass those long dark nights quite well I think.

School..well.. we won't go there. It's nutty this year. More nutty than last year and I didn't think that was possible. So mostly we will be finding ways to deal with the nuttiness and leaving it behind at school. School? I don't work in school..what is this you speak of?! (is it working?)

But yah, other than that.. tired ya'll. Very tired.


Carly said...

tell me more about the drum gig


you can make a sock?
I can not make a sock
a sock, a sock, a sock
If you can make a sock
you most certainly rock

(apologies to Seuss)

OneScrappyChick said...

Our music teacher got interested in Steel Drums a few years back. And invested some $$ and bought some drums. And started a group. And it was fun. And so she started a kids group, and it was more fun..and a few years later and a few more groups, now we have 4 groups... and it's tons of fun.

We meet to play once a week.. all during the school year with about 6 weeks off during the holidays so she can concentrate on the music shows, and we get together again after Christmas break.. and we play. And learn new songs, and do gigs. OH, did I mention the gigs.. we play at school functions for our school, or our sister school.. one of the bands gets requested to be hired out (the first band, who has been together the longest and is staff people from both schools..they are really good).. and mostly we just have fun.

abbykey said...

Hey, of the preggers here...just wanted you to know i feel honored that you would think to write about us in your blog...which I LOVE, by the way.

I'm sorry school is nuttier this year...yeah..I didn't think that was possible either, not after hearing about last year. Do you have a paper clip chain yet? Kevin and I made one after the first week of school his fourth grade was THAT BAD.