Friday, September 23, 2005

5 things I'd take with me....

So with all this talk about hurricanes and evacuating .. I was thinking this morning in the shower of the 5 things I would take if I had to evacuate and could only take 5 things. Here's what I came up with:

1. My camera/photos/albums. OK, it's more than 5 total, but no one said I'd be stuffing them all in one bag. Stuff you can replace. Memories are a little tricker, and my tired old brain would have a hard time pulling this stuff from the far corners in the back.

2. The box holding the things my kids have made/given me. I have a cardboard box full of things my kids have given to me since they were wee-one's. You know, mother's day gifts.. pictures they drew, things I can't quite decide what they were but had to save anyway.

3. The packet of letters/cards my DH has given me since the day we met. I know, it's kind of corny, but I'd have to bring these. Every year or two I take them out and read through them, and laugh and cry and remember.

4. The tub of family things. I am the keeper of our family's history on my mom's side. I have all the pictures, birth/death certs., passports, baby spoons, wedding/death books etc. etc. etc. My mother is the last person on her side of the family, and I feel like I would need to preserve this stuff. Besides, I love to look at the stuff my Nana brought over from Italy.

5. A bag of yarn and my hooks and needles. I know, this sounds wacky.. but here's my thinking on this. With these simple items I could create hats, and mittens and scarves and sweaters and blankets and things that people would need after a crisis. Comfort items. It would make me feel like I was helping, and keep me sane at the same time.

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Jeanie said...

Yep, that's about what I took!