Saturday, September 17, 2005

Just kicking around....

I don't want to be a "soccer mom". I don't want to make the phone calls, I don't want to peddle coffee and doughnuts on a chilly fall morning, I don't want to be in charge of the photos or the trophies or any of the other crap that goes along with being "involved."

I just want to sit on the bleachers next to the boy, and enjoy watching my daughter play soccer. So when the time came to fill out the part of the form that said "How do you want to be involved this year?" I didn't check anything off and gave it to the boy to turn in. And no one said anything. And I have no guilt about this. I have too much on my plate already to be "involved" with soccer. And I don't much care for the responsibility that would go along with it. So I said no.

And today I got to sit, and relax and watch Ms. Thang's team kick some opponent arse and win their first game of the season. Some of the people from last year's team are on her team again, but they are a year older, and a year bigger, and a much better team. Ms. Thang herself is much improved over last year, although she doesn't play very aggressive and likes to stop before she kicks. She did awesome this year, considering her very first time playing on a team ever she got nailed in the face with the ball and bloodied her lip and some teeth and had a major fear of the ball all last year. I think she's over that. She just needs to get right in there and kick that ball and stick with it. She likes to back off and let other people do the work. Kind of like her mom this year I guess. She's the one in the green shirt.

Her little "boyfriend" (from last year even, and he seems to still like her too) is on her team (he's the one in black) and it's kind of funny to watch the two of them play together. I watch them on the playground sometimes at school and it's cute to see how they interact with each other. They have mouth guards this year, and they all look like they've put something large and sour in their mouth's. But it doesn't stop them from yelling at each other on the field. And Ms. Thang and Mr. Cutiepants do an awful lot of yelling back and forth.

Almost like an old married couple (grins).


Jeanie said...

Too cute! Cutie pants looks like he's going to take out the other guy who's got his eye on the ball (or your daughter) -- protective, that's good ;-)

I totally hear ya about the "soccer mom" thing. My sister is very involved in her kids' sports teams, ends up being appointed team mom (despite her requests not to be) and then doesn't even get to watch her kids play because she's got so many "duties" to do. Me, it's all I can do to sit and watch the kids play -- not because I'm bored with the game, but because I can't stand the parents on the sidelines with me. Most of the parents are TERRIBLE examples of what good sportsmanship is all about and it makes me embarassed to be associated with them. Most of the fights at my kids' soccer games weren't between the kids, they were between the parents (not me, thank God). It was horrible. I say, relax, enjoy watching your kids, and if there's a little spare time between halves, knit ;-)

Carly said...

My son got a goal yesterday, because I wasn't at the game


Angie said...

Good for you for just saying no!

Its so cute that they are almost like a married couple too.