Saturday, September 23, 2006

Delicious Autumn!

I know.. the photo stinks... but I was out doing errands this morning, and the sky was dark and foggy.. and the fog was just hovering in a misty shroud amongst the hills.. and I took a photo with my phone. If I were smarter.. I'd put my lil Sony dig. camera in my purse.. but I never think of it until I am out somewhere and want to snap a photo.

I give you... the first Saturday Sky of the fall season. Fall came in with wind, rain and a chilly start. Soccer was cancelled.. branches snapped off trees, and warm comfort food was served for dinner. The storm windows are all down, the flannel jammies are all out, and slowly but surely we are preparing for winter. I put the fall decorations out today. I don't like Halloween, so I don't decorate for it.. but I do a fall type theme instead. Pumpkins, rustic colored leaves, etc. etc. I love fall.

Next weekend I hope to go apple picking. I wanted to make a dent in my cleaning this weekend, but today I was just exhausted... and tomorrow we are going to visit the in-laws. So pretty much this weekend was a wash. In more ways than one.

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KathyMarie said...

Apple picking!!

I seem to find myself camera-less every time I want to take a pretty picture, too. This is the downside of sharing a camera with the husband.