Saturday, September 30, 2006

Wake Me Up.. When September Ends

Today was a crazy day! I started with some much over-due fall cleaning. I didn't get too far.. but at least I started. Because as you know, it' soccer season. And unless you are in the 1st or 2nd time slots, your game starts late. And so our 10:30 game didn't get over until 12:00. After soccer we went apple picking and then did errands and grocery shopping and by the time we got home it was dinner time. One. Busy. Day. The boy made dinner, because he rocks and while he cooked I re-made the beds. Saturday is wash the bedding day, and well.. there was no time this morning to get them done. It was 40 degrees out last night, and the house was 6 degrees cooler today than last night when I went to bed. So I hauled out the winter blankets and put them on everyone's bed. We need to have the comforters washed at the laundry so probably we won't have comforters until next week. We won't have heat either.

October 1st is our "turn on the heat" day. Unless it's warm like last year, which it is not. Although I did hear mid 70's for Tuesday. The thing is, the furnace hasn't been cleaned yet. It's one of those things we keep talking about, but forget to call. Yah. And the other reason, is because we have these two blowers.. one in our kitchen and family rooms (they share one giant open space divided visually by a rug/linoleum floor line.. and a chimney.. and the blowers face each other. Well anyhow.. they are old and ugly and rusting.. and we are going to spray paint them black. Right. Except did you know they don't sell Rustoleum at Target? So tomorrow I will pick some up when Ms. Thang and I go for our haircuts. Tomorrow it's going to be cold and rainy. I might turn the heat on anyhow.. we'll see.

But today was a gorgeous day! I took that photo from my driveway looking through the maple tree that my birdhouse hangs on. Love the way the sun is shining through the leaves even if you can't see much of the sky. You can still tell it was beautiful out. Our apple orchard closed at the end of the season last year, so we had to go to a new orchard this year. It was weird. We weren't sure how the picking/paying thing worked, and there were idiots driving up and down the hill. But we picked a bushel of apples and overall it really wasn't too bad. The new orchard is gorgeous, and has some great views. And the apples are huge and healthy and really that's what matters. Tomorrow morning I will put the ones that made it into the bags bruised (perils of picking with kids) into the crock pot and make cinnamon applesauce. Nothing better than the smell of applesauce cooking away all day long to lift your mood. We picked Cortland's and Honey Crisp apples. We get Cortland's every year, and the lady at the orchard said Honey Crisp was a great baking apple so we figured we'd give it a try. I have bought them at the market before, and been the only one to eat them. The kids each had one in the car and loved them, so I am glad that lady said something. I'm looking forward to a nice Apple Betty for desert tomorrow.


tspwlv said...

Yum! I discovered Honey Crisp apples at Trader Joe's last year and my family loves them. They just taste so good fresh that I can't imagine cooking them. Hope you didn't get too worn out apple picking!

OneScrappyChick said...

Oh T.. they taste so good cooked.. and their sweet taste is a lovely contrast to the tart taste of Cortlands.. you should try it sometime! As for the other bit.. I slept good last night.. and late this morning. LOL