Friday, September 29, 2006

t. G. i. f.

Eye Candy Friday... here you go. The view up on top of my fridge. I got those bitty pumpkins at the market and they are so darn cute up there with the plant I got from my mom.

Thank. GAWD. It's. Friday. I love Friday. Friday is my new favorite day of the week. Although Saturday is a day off and you don't have to go to work the next day.. but Friday brings promise. The promise of two days off... I love Friday.

This has been a rotten week. I am so thankful it's over I could cry. I think instead I'll drink beer. Abby, who rocks, sent me an envelope of paperclips to string.. one for each day of the year that is left. IMO, it's way to many days. Next week we start state testing. I hate state testing. This year though, I don't have to do testing. (offers up a silent prayer.) Although, would testing stop me from going back to where I've been until this year.. hell freaking no.

My ankle is killing me. The doctor's office called. The fractured foot has healed, and the reason it's still sore and tender is due to soft tissue injury that will take time to heal. The ankle isn't fractured, but it's a second degree sprain which means that the ligaments and tendons tore.. but not all the way through. So, yah.. longer to heal.. stairs and time on feet probably not helping.. and I need to go to physical therapy so I can someday be better. October 27th is our Halloween Parade.. on a Friday this year. I better be better. Are you tired of hearing about my ankle? Yah, me too. And I'm tired of it hurting too.

Soccer is in full swing which means that life is a little crazy right now. Tomorrow I'm hoping to go apple picking.. should be perfect weather for it. Unlike last year's hotter than hot temps. Either way, it's a day off and I don't care what the weather is like. The weekend is here, and I am off to make some chocolate chip banana bread. Toodles!

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Awesome Abby said...

well...on top of my fridge, i'm sure you'd find bunnies...dust bunnies, that is. ugh. yours, however, is lovely...just like yourself. how's the foot?