Tuesday, September 26, 2006

In Which We Find... A Fracture

Don't you just love fall?? I love walking outside and smelling the fresh "leaf" smell that permeates the air. I love the way the mornings are cool, yet when I walk home the warm sunshine soothes my face. I love to listen to the crunch of the leaves under my feet, and see my breath in the air. But mostly.. I love the colors of fall. I love to wear the colors of fall.. and I love how the light changes and everything looks different.

This is one of our old maple trees in my yard next to the driveway. When all is said and done it will be a glorious red color. I love how it changes from green to yellow to red. And check out those leaves that have already fallen. Our house is surrounded on all sides by maples. It's amazing how many leaves accumulate on our property. This year I am buying new rakes. Yes. Rakes. Raking is going to be a family chore. (shhh.. don't tell but I love raking. I find it soothing, like mowing the lawn.)

Speaking of fall... I had my follow up visit with my doctor today. Before I tell you how it went, I will tell you how my day started. I awoke early.. and dozed off and on until The Boy was out of the shower. He was asking me about color matches for his pants and shirt, and I opened my eyes again, and the room was spinning. Only once in my life have I ever experienced this and I was near drunk. No alcohol involved today. I got up, was dizzy.. stumbling dizzy. I took a shower, feeling nauseous the whole time, and then lay on my bed a bit. Not having to get out the door for 8am helped. I sat at the top of the steps for a while, waiting to be sick.. and then went downstairs. I thought a graham cracker might settle my stomach. The dizzy was still there.. but not too bad. Then I remembered I had hard peppermints in my lunchbox. Those helped a lot. I didn't feel great all day.. but much better than this morning. Minus the horrible headache.

So anyhow.. off to the doctor we go. I get in.. and she checks my poor ankle. It's got a swollen "cuff" that wraps around and so she asked to see my other foot.. to compare. Asked me how that was feeling.. I told her I still had tenderness in the area where the swelling was.. and she tells me she's not surprised. Turns out the idiots in the ER were supposed to call with the official report after they read my films... and my L foot has been fractured for 7 weeks. I told her that I put a lot of weight on that foot, because my R ankle has been so miserable.. especially on the stairs at school. She sent me for new X-Rays. Wanted to see how the foot was healing.. wanted to see how the ankle was doing. Turns out when you have a lot of trauma right after a fall it can skew the reading of the x-ray. Might have a fractured ankle too. Either way Physical Therapy is in my future. And my Dr. is going to call me herself with the report.

oh, and that dizzy/nausea thing.. could be a drop in bp (which was 118/80 today.. high for my normal 90/60.. I blame school).. could be low blood sugar.. if it happens some more I'm to call right away. I think it might have to do with the horrible headache I still haven't shaken. I can't wait for bed.


Carly said...

oh man! that's horrible. I hope it starts to get better soon

Awesome Abby said...

at least now you have some answers and can get some help. saying prayers for you. btw...i have pix of the piggies, so they're not gone forever! ;0)

KathyMarie said...

I'm sorry you're having such a hell of a time.

And I am completely in love with your tree. Fall here seems to be mushy green.