Thursday, September 14, 2006

Just Another Random Wed...Thursday.....

Buon Natale! How've you all been? I'm go glad to hear it. It's been a little... er... hectic on my end. School is.. well.. school is what it is this year. I won't blog too much about it. I'll try to blog more.. just nothing to say lately. You can only blog about how tired you are so many different ways.

TV starts again next week. I can't wait to see some of my favorite shows again. I never used to be a big TV fan but it's such a mindless activity that I find some nights it's all I have the energy for.

I have some knitting projects I need to get going on, and I need to start working on those at night. The TV/knitting combo will be enough to keep me awake. I hope. I'm really looking forward to Grey's and CSI and Housewives the most. There are a few other shows I enjoy.. How I Met Your Mother, and 24 and that show with the guy who drives the delivery truck and has the loud wife.. (my brain used to work much better.. I swear!). Survivor started tonight. I love Survivor. I didn't enjoy the last season too much.. but this one looks interesting. I'm not sure how I feel about the racial division yet.. we'll see how this plays out.

This weekend I will trim my hedges. Sunday is looking to be a gorgeous day. Saturday is errands and soccer and other boring things. The leaves on my neighbors tree are always the first to change, and this was how they looked this evening as The Boy was cooking dinner. (he loves me, he really does.) My ankle, while still awfully painful and giving me grief, is healed to the point that I can manage the stepladder to get the hedges done. Before it gets too cold. Fall starts next weekend, and I'm not ready.

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