Friday, September 01, 2006

Ode to the Long Weekend...

Thank. Effing. Gawd.

Ya'll.. I didn't think today would EVER.GET.HERE. What a long week it has been.

I don't want to talk about school. There isn't a whole lot I could say (confidentiality and all that) specifically.. and in a nut shell... it was a long stressful 3 days. When you have to stay 5 steps ahead of someone at all times, and find yourself 3 behind.. it's very exhausting, emotionally and physically. And then we have the stupid ankle. It was much better Monday morning than it is right now. A week of having to go up and down from the third floor all day long (and then also to the basement for lunch).. really does a number on a sprain.

But here we are. Friday. I love Fridays. Friday is the end of the week, and the beginning of a respite. 2 days to spend however you want. Or to do eleventeen billion things.. but at least you aren't at work. But then there is the long weekend. Three glorious days off. And the best part of a long weekend, is being paid to be at home. Nothing I love more than to be curled up under my blanket watching an old loved movie, and thinking.. I'm getting paid for this.

Sunday we're supposed to be going to a Labor Day Party at my brothers in-laws' house. It's supposed to rain. Hopefully Monday will bring some dryness so I can get my hedges trimmed before the cold sets in. Next weekend starts soccer and then it's busy, busy, busy until after Christmas it seems. But for now.. we have a rest. 3 days to do whatever. Or nothing. Even better.

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