Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ode to A Pair of Socks...

I was so upset when I realized that my first pair of socks wasn't going to work out the way I had hoped. The first sock, the one I was so proud of, seemed a bit loose on my leg and foot. I started the second, and got down to the foot, and realized that they were not going to match. One was smaller than the other. My first sock, was also my first dpn experience. And my hands were still figuring out what to do. I put those socks away, disgusted that after all that time, when I finished my second sock I was either going to a. have to socks that didn't fit the same, or b. have to re-knit the first sock.

Instead I started new socks. New color, different yarn, different size needles. I started out with this pattern, which is so pretty and looked great in this colorway. But as I moved on down the leg, I realized that the sock was smaller than I felt comfortable with, and a quick try on confirmed my fears. As I hit gauge dead on, instead of figuring out how to make them better, I frogged that sock and started over. I knit Steph's basic sock using the pattern in this book. I can see this pattern being the kind that once you memorize you can make socks in your sleep.

Today I finished the second sock. The toe (it's the right sock with the white toe) isn't perfect. I was grafting the stitches together when my son walked into the house and started firing questions and statements and noise at me. I got distracted and something happened to a stitch, and I wasn't able to figure out exactly what went wrong so the toe looks a little wonky, but it's ok. I can live with it.

I tried to start the second sock in the same place, but wasn't able to match up the pattern... I realize that if I had started a little bit further down I could've probably hit it.. but it's ok. They don't need to match. I love them, and they are so warm! I can't wait to wear them when the weather gets cold. Hopefully my stupid ankle won't be swollen and hurting until spring and I get a chance. Right now I'm not holding my breath (sigh). I used Knit Picks sock yarn that I believe has been discontinued (which is too bad, I love the color it reminds me of jeans and winter), and size 2 (us) dpn's. I don't know how long they took, because I didn't work on them all the time. Just when I could.

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Awesome Abby said...

i think these socks are fantabulous, and i love socks. :) i'll never be talented enough to make a pair for myself, so I think you rock!