Sunday, April 01, 2007

Who's the Fool Here?

How did we find ourselves at the beginning of April and who told Easter it could show up next week? I can hardly believe the first quarter of the year is over already. I feel like the past 3 months have gone by in the blink of an eye, yet at times it seemed to go so slow.

This weekend has been so busy that it feels like an extension of the week. Like last week has merged into next week to form one really long arse week. I need a break from my life. Is it wrong to hope that my son who is starting to feel crummy (spring cold? allergies?) is so miserable that I might get a few days off this week? I tell you, I'm not going to win any parent of the year awards and I'm so OK with that.

My 100 miles by July 1st isn't going to get off to a good start. The sky has opened up with some early April rain that looks to stick around for a few days. I am planning on logging some time inside. If you care to join us in walking/running/bicycling/however you move ... the official website is here. I made a sad attempt at the last round (although I did a great job logging some miles this past week) and hope to do much better this time around.

*click on photo for a better view of the final project all set up

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