Sunday, May 06, 2007

Bo Peep's Garden of Ruffles

Oh, I have soooooo much to blog about.. my garden, my new bird bath, my new kitten (ok, we don't get to bring her home for 3 more long weeks, but still)... my awesome weekend in Maine(oh, that might be a post or two later this week). I haven't even looked at my photos from Maine, but rest assured, we got some good ones. But first, I have something to share with you.

I finished that little dress I was working on. I have a vision in my mind for how to modify it to be a sundress, and I can tell you that I will be making it again, maybe a little larger as a sundress. I think even in these same colors. I didn't care much for the Bernat baby yarn (it's splity and slippery and I found it dificult to work with), but they had the most perfect color of pink. Not too bright and not too pastely. I loved it. I also used antique white and regular white. I chose eyelet lace to put around the bottom, because I don't care for itchy lace, and there are clearish-white buttons up the back. The pattern, which you can buy here, called for a ribbon around the waist and little rosettes around the bottom.

I bought green and pink ribbon for the waist. I tried them both out, and neither one seemed "right". I liked the pink better than the green, but The Boy said that the pink kind of "got lost". On a whim, I tried the rosettes around the waist, and I just loved how they looked. Dainty and smashing at the same time. I have never sewn anything onto a yarn garment before this dress, and it was a little tricky, which is why they aren't quite perfect. But I don't care, it'd finished and I am quite proud of it.

Someone comented that the colors reminded them of lemonade. I love that. I haven't a sweet little girl to give this dress to, so it will go into my gift closet and wait. The perfect little girl will come along soon enough, and when she does I will be ready. The dress I made is a 0-3 mos size, but the pattern goes all the way up to 3T.


tspwlv said...

It is beautiful and some little girl will be so lucky to wear it.

Bec said...

That dress is gorgeous!! Wow! Fantastic job!