Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Maine... A story in Photos pt. 1

Ya'll.. I don't even know where to start. I went to the eye Dr. and had my annual exam. It went ok. I have to go for my Visual Field test Thursday (I have to have one every 2 years. My eyes have some issues, which turns out are normal for me.. but normal to about only one in a thousand people so I am closely monitored to make sure that it is just "normal" and nothing more serious). So anyhow... we left for Maine with DH driving because yanno... dilated eyes aren't great for navigating your way on the highways and byways on a bright sunny spring day. We were in Keene, so we took Rt. 9 to Concord and picked up 93 South to 101 and out to 95 North. Our plan was to get off 95 in Maine and take the back roads up the coast.

It was a great plan. We were in Portsmouth, and Mr. Man spotted the Naval Shipyard. Of course, The Boy had to go see if we could get close enough to get a good look.. but when you build/test/do whatever to nuclear subs, they have pretty tight restrictions around the place and so we just got some great looks from afar. It was cool. I didn't take any pictures.. cuz yanno.. nuclear subs and all.. the Navy gets a little nervous if you start snapping photos of their places. So anyhow... as we were driving away from the base, we found Fort McClary. Fort McClary is in Kittery Maine and it's been there since 1689. It's not a working fort anymore, but we had a grand time checking it out.

Not only is it on the coast.. it is on the shore. You can stand on the cliff and see the most amazing things. Lighthouses, and beach houses, and boats and fancy vacation homes. We have a pretty good zoom on the camera, so these things that were barely visible to our eyes, became great treasures to view later on. That lighthouse in the first photo was just out there in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Mr. Man and I looked out between another lighthouse and a little house, and thought we saw a pirate ship. Turns out it was a Freight Ship, but with no zoom and headed straight at us we were convinced. So anyhow.. The Boy and the kids were leaning over the railing, and I snapped their photo. Then all of a sudden they all turned around, right as I was snapping another one. Last night as I was uploading the photos to get printed, I asked The Boy what they were talking about.

They were looking down at the cliffs and talking about what a drop it was down to the ocean. I had just previously leaned over and taken a cool photo of some water swirling around rocks (I'll share it later on) This is how it went:

The Boy: Mom doesn't know it but if she drops my camera in the ocean she's walking home.

Right at this exact moment, they all turned around to see where I was and what I was doing. Just as I was snapping another photo. They are so funny to look at together. What a riot.

Anyhow, the Fort was Really cool. You can check it out at the official website. It was empty on the inside, except for some hand painted signs that told you a brief history. There was a spot where old barracks used to be, and a rifleman's house.. the building where they stored the ammo. You could see the place where you could go under ground and get out to the beach from the Fort, but they didn't let anyone go down there, it was secured off. I took this photo looking out one of the windows where a cannon would've been stationed. I love history. I do have a bunch more photos of it, but in the spirit of not spending the next month blogging about out trip, I'll only share these ones. It was a nice surprise that we discovered, and a delightful part of our trip. The kids asked some really good questions that we were not able to answer, but I was impressed with their thinking. Next Up... York beach and the Nubble Lighthouse.

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