Thursday, May 17, 2007

In Which We Find Wednesday

It is Wednesday isn't it? It's been a long week people, and I am plumb worn out. We had some kick butt storms blow through here today.. pouring rain, thunder, lightning, tornado watches. It went from 72 degrees this morning, to 61 in less than 15 minutes. Wild! I wanted to start painting Ms. Thang's bedroom Sunday, but I think it's going to be damp and rainy. Damp and rainy doesn't mesh well with Latex paint. We'll see.

The birds are enjoying my bird bath quite well. Last night I was getting ready to go to a Zoning Board meeting and a robin was standing right in the middle of the bath. I'm enjoying watching the birds as well. Our new kitten, as yet un-named), will be coming home on May 31st. This naming business is causing quite an uproar in the house and I'm finding it quite amusing.

23 more days. Not that anyone is counting.

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