Tuesday, May 29, 2007

By The Numbers

5 to 9- How many days until Ms. Thang's new bedroom furniture gets here. Umm.. no, in fact it isn't finished being painted yet. No questions.

15- How many days left until school gets out. (technically it's 14.5, but who's counting?) No, I can't wait. Yes I am excited. Yes I will cry on the 18th during graduation as I say goodbye to my first class of students (I can't believe they are in 6th grade all ready). Those kids were my introduction to our school. They welcomed my son who missed the first 3 days. They have always gone out of their way to talk to me or hang out and chat, or give a high 5 in the hallway. They have grown up so much since 1st grade and I will miss them all. No I am not working over the summer.

33- How old I turned today. Happy birthday to my cousin who turned 22 also. The fact that she can be 22 today makes me feel so incredibly old. I still remember finding out my unmarried, non-boyfriend aunt was pregnant. What a riot it caused in our family back then. Happy Birthday L..have a beer tonight, I did.

52-How many days until the last Harry Potter book is released. I am so excited to read it, and so sad that it is the end. I'm nervous to find out who Jo has killed off, and hopeful that it will have a kick arse ending.

60- How many more days until Mom gets here for 4.5 days. Her vacation trip home got shortened to only one week, so we will split her time with my brother S. I'm thinking 4.5 days will be perfect. Long enough to enjoy her, short enough not to want to pull all my hair out.

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Carly said...

Darn it... I'm a day late... but happy birthday, friend.