Thursday, May 10, 2007

Maine... A story in Photos pt. 2

We continued up the Maine coast, and stopped when we got to York. Before you get to the official "York Beach", there is another section of the shore that is jagged and rocky. We couldn't resist pulling over to play on the beach. Off in the distance we could see a lighthouse, and The Boy told me that we could try and see if we could get a closer look at it. I discovered that my limited experiences with visiting Maine with my grandparents and camping at Lake Sebago hadn't educated me properly about the glorious state that Maine is. I found out later that we were looking at the Nubble Lighthouse.

This is one of my favorite photos taken all weekend. I'm not sure if I was trying to capture the gulls, or the beauty of the rocks, or the swirling water or what.. but click on it. It's beautiful. I have set it as the background on my laptop. I have always loved the ocean. When I was growing up, some of my fondest memories are from the beach. Family visits, a stay with my grandparents, trips with my friends, and later boyfriends and best friends. We were only a few hours away from the beach..I've been there for the day, for a week, for two weeks.. for concerts and for beach masses. When I was leaving for the military I went to the beach in Oct. to say goodbye. While I was there I witnessed a chilly fall wedding at the Half Shell on Hampton Beach.
I couldn't begin to tell you what my favorite time of day at the ocean is. I love the sunrise, I love when the tide goes out and you can walk out on the sand forever... I love when the tide comes in and pulls back abandoned sandcastles.. I love the beach at dusk when the sun goes down over the water, and at night when the crowds have thinned out and the locals and diehards are left.
There is something about the ocean that just calls to my soul. When I was younger I dreamed of living at the ocean. I love to watch my kids play on the sand, and the rocks and in the water.

We collected some treasures, and then drove up the cove to see the lighthouse. I've never actually been that close to a real lighthouse. We were separated by a bay, but it was so cool to just be there. I got a great picture of the kids sitting on a rock with the lighthouse behind them that I'm going to enlarge for my in laws for Christmas (they love lighthouses). It was getting cloudy and the temperature was about 10 degrees colder then when we left on our trip, but we had a lot of fun. It was worth not outlet hopping to have the experience of our drive up the shore. (it took 6.5 hours to get there)

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Bec said...

More great photos! I've been to Sebago before!! Sounds like you had a great trip!