Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Wednesday

Spring is finally here. I love when the Tiger Lilie's start coming up in the back yard. They were planted by the previous owner, and each year the ones near the granite marker spread out a bit more. The only time you can see the granite marker is when the lilies are little. They grow to be quite tall and hide that marker in their leaves. That marker has been there (although upright at one point) for apx. 170 years and I just love it. We've had a few warm days, but not a lot and this week it's a little bit chilly. I've been walking again at lunchtime and the sunshine is making me feel much better.

I'm currently crocheting the most adorable little dress. The pattern is amazing and Lissa created those ruffles just for this dress. You can buy your own version at The Crochet Garden. I always enjoy testing patterns for Lissa. Normally we can't share them until she publishes them "live".. but this is an older pattern that we are retesting.The pattern is Bo Peeps Garden of Ruffles and works up on an F hook. I am using Bernat Baby yarn in pink, antique white and white. I have no intended recipient for this little dress (it's a newborn size, 0-3 mos) and it will go into my gift closet. I'll post a finished photo soon.

We'll be leaving Saturday after my eye exam for Maine. We're going to be staying in Freeport (hello outlet stores!) and the Steel Band Festival is in Yarmouth. We have discussed getting off 95 in Hampton and driving up Rt. 1 along the coast the rest of the way. It will take us longer, but will be soooooooooo enjoyable. I've really missed the ocean.

On and unrelated to anything else note.. my p key on my laptop is broken. You have no idea how often you type a p until it becomes difficult for you to use it. Unfortunately it's not like a regular keyboard and there is no way really to fix it. My finger is sore from having to push down on it so hard to get it to make a p. I'm in denial about my laptop, have been for some time.. but am seriously starting to reconsider a MacBook... I just can't get past the price. We'll see.

* 17.74 miles walked to date


Lindystar said...

Can you pop off a crappy key that you never use and put it in P's place? Sorry I'm not sure if laptops are like regular keyboards.

You freaking MADE that dress?????
It's soooooo cute. I'm still having a hard time wrapping my brain around the idea of someone actually MAKING that from some sticks and yarn.

Your knitting is bad ass.

Sgt said...

You could always just hold your "alt" key, press "8" "0" and release. Alt-112 for a lower case p.

tspwlv said...

The dress is killer.

Screw P. Just designate a different letter as your replacement P. Say q, stop will be stoq, poop will be qooq, etc. We'll catch on.

Awesome Abby said...

I wish I had started keeping up with my miles at the beginning of the year, just for kicks. Maybe next year. Go you for walking! I LOVE that dress...the ruffles are to die for! And pink...what could be better?