Saturday, May 26, 2007

In Which We Find a New Family Member......

I'd like you all to meet Bailey, our new kitten! Bailey was born on April Fool's Day, and will be 8 weeks old on Sunday. She is a sweet, playful calico kitten who's momma was abandoned (pregnant) by her owner who was moving. My dear friend adopted her and her unborn kittens and we're happy to be able to take in one of the kittens. I named her Bailey because (and shh don't tell my kids this) the coloring of her fur reminds me of Kahlua that has had Bailey's Irish Cream poured into it. When you first stir it, you can see the dark Kahlua, the white Bailey's and the tan of the mixed drink. I don't know what that says about me, but there you have it.

Mr. Man came home from environmental camp today. He grew up quite a bit while he was gone. He announced tonight that he no longer needs his night light (he's deathly afraid of the dark) because it was dark in the cabin at camp and he did just fine with no night light. Remember, he's 12.. this is huge for him. The other thing that impressed the hell out of me, is that he went halfway up the ropes course on the suspended swing... and climbed all the way up to the last rung of the rope ladder that leads to the high ropes course. He has hated heights since he was little. We'd go to McDonald's Play Place, or Chuck E. Cheese's.. and Ms. Thang would be climbing near the ceiling and all over the place.. and he'd get up to the first platform, and stay there. I don't think he's ever been in the attic (it's a pull down stair ladder) because he can't bring himself to climb past the third step. He's tired, and worn out, and sounds like he's coming down with a cold.. but he had a great time and I'm happy he's home.

*33.01 miles logged to date (I better get my arse moving)


Meghan said...

Bailey is absolutely, positivly adorable.
I so want a kitten!!!!
Can I move in with you & the new cat?

OneScrappyChick said...

soon as I get off my arse and paint dd's bedroom you can have the guest room.. so long as you bring cheekers!!

Anonymous said...

I can't stand it!!!! She is absolutely gorgeous! Lucky everyone!