Saturday, December 22, 2007

And on the 23rd Day.......

I will rest. Yes, you heard me right. I have plans for tomorrow. Big plans. Oh sure, I have to do some laundry, and maybe water my parched houseplants. I might have some holiday dishes to pack up and put back into storage.. but all that is trivial. The most important plans I have for tomorrow involve my couch, my stadium blanket and maybe even a pillow. Why yes, it does sound like a nap.

Actually, I think I might do some knitting.. for ME, for a change. I might read one of the half dozen backlogged magazines I have stacked in my basket. I might play a game with my kids. With any luck, I might actually sleep past 7am. I will visit with my friends/neighbors and munch on holiday goodies and exchange gifts. Actually, depending on how long they stay will dictate if I get my nap or not. The Boy is planning to go see I Am Legend with the male neighbor and his BIL (not the Boy's BIL)... so we'll see.

Uncle Christmas came and has gone. My brothers and their significant others cleared out around 9:15ish. One of my brothers works overnights and gets home at 3 am, so we started out celebrations later than usual this year to accommodate him. We had a nice time together. We watched a movie, enjoyed some good food, had a bit of a loud and hectic gift exchange (my hats went over VERY WELL) and enjoyed ourselves. While I enjoy time spent with my family, I'm always rather happy when they leave, only because I need a break from all the noise.

I took zero photos today. I was thinking yesterday that I've hardly taken any photos since we went apple picking back in October. Nothing is inspiring me this year. It's always too dark when I get home to get any snow photos.. and the sun hasn't been out in forever. I'll try to do better this week. I have a cool ornament thing I did with my windows that I want to share... along with a representation of what the "3rd snowiest December on record" looks like (unless the rain melts it all tomorrow.) Until then.... Ciao!

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