Wednesday, December 26, 2007

All Boxed Up....

Or, Fabulous Google Searches That Brought You Here.. version 6.2

1. Miserable Cold. It is winter, and I live in the Great Frozen North, so of course we are having miserable cold weather. In fact, the Weather Dude just said something about 3 storms between now and New Years. Let me contain my excitement. Although, if you click the link, it would seem that the day I posted this, was the beginning of a pretty rotten cold I had this fall. One of those colds that leaves you with the "sexy 900 number operator" voice and has you ruing the day you decided to work with snot nosed children.

2. Slouch Socks. Remember slouch socks? We used to wear 2 pairs at a time, in different colors, such as red and blue. One the left foot the red sock was in front, and on the right foot the blue sock would be in the front. Don't even get me going on pegged jeans. I had to browse through 6 pages of Google before I found the link to my page... the whole time wondering, "When the hell did I ever post about slouch socks?" I didn't.. it was the title of a catchy post about my most inspiring 80's songs.

3. You Rocked Me All Night Long. What can I say, it's a talent I have and I don't like to brag about it. I can rock you all day long too if you'd like. Actually... no.. never mind.

4. She's Gone Country. I'd really like to go to bed, or maybe to somewhere tropical and warm. Actually, I'd love to go to Europe, but not until the weather is better. I'd like more to go somewhere that isn't near this TV where some quack is talking about the "bible diet". Seriously. If nothing else, click that link to check out the cool photo I found with my Google Fu.

5. Same Ole Heart. Yep, it's the same ole heart I've always had. It is strong, and healthy.. despite pumping to it's own beat. My doctor told me if I put on some weight I wouldn't feel it "slam" so hard against my chest when it's resetting itself. As this normally only bothers me when it's pumping real fast, and I am pretty OK with my weight.. I'll deal. I am tickled that if someone were to do a search for same ole heart, my site, the whole entire thing pops up first.

*todays photo is brought to you by the letters B, and the number 6. Bailey loves to play with boxes, and paper and anything of the sort. In what is the first of it's kind, I went to bed Christmas Eve with no gifts under the tree. I got up at 6am, and took them out of my gift closet and put around the tree. After the first armful was put down, Bailey shot over and positioned herself right under the tree to "supervise." Love that fur ball.


Bec said...

How do you know that? About the search terms I mean. And, cute cat! I miss slouch socks.

OneScrappyChick said...

I have a link to the Google Webmaster tools ... but I can't remember how I found it. It might be on the page under your Google account settings??