Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Cat In A Rocking Chair

We rearranged our front room this year, in anticipation of painting it over the summer. You might recall that due to Ms. Thang's bedroom furniture being stored there while we painted her room, and waited for the dude to come and refinish her floor, that it didn't get done. Best laid plans and all that. But I love the new arrangement, except that for months we agonized over what do do about the Christmas Tree. See, we moved the TV into the spot where the tree goes. Right between the two windows, which was always a lovely spot for the tree. Visible from the dining room, and as you came down the stairs from the second floor.

On Black Friday, after The Boy suggested that maybe we wouldn't have the front room tree up this year, I sat and mentally rearranged the room until I was ready to cry.

How could we not have that tree. I love that tree in the front room. It's pretty, and homey and it's OUR tree (the one in the family room used to be my dad's and stepmothers before they moved to FL, and while I love it.. this one is mine!). Finally, in a fit of frustration, I went to sit at my desk and turn on some Christmas music. I looked over at Ms. Thang, who was sitting on the love seat (in a new spot since the room shuffle), and it hit me. We could feasibly put the room "mostly" back the way it used to be (we've added a blanket chest as a side table that kind of "cramped" the room with it set up the old way, but it's only a month, right?!)... and put the tree across from where it used to be where the love seat lives now. I ran to get The Boy, and presented my findings. He assured me that it would work, and we made it happen.

Anyhow (I was going somewhere with this).. my rocking chair, which now lives where the love seat USED to be, next to the new blanket chest (that a HS student abandoned after graduating.. they made it, and I love it!).. is back in it's old spot, which is, inconveniently, next to the TV. So the only one sitting in the rocker right now, unless I want to sit and look at the tree, is Bailey. She loves my rocking chair. She is 8 mos old now, and cute, and cuddly, with a streak of crazy that most young cats have. I love her in all her moods, but especially these quiet and calm ones. I went to take her picture, and realized if I moved my position just right, I could get the tree lights reflecting off the window, and the light/garland that winds up the stairs. Perfect.

BTW... go check this out. Bring some tissues: click here.

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