Monday, December 31, 2007

My, What Big Snow Banks You Have!

2008 will arrive in NH the same way it left... with a storm. 10 inches of the lovely, white, shit, er... stuff fell overnight and this morning, leaving virtually NO WHERE else for me to be able to throw it. As it was, I had to travel with my snow today. I had to shovel it, carry it a bit, and then throw it somewhere else. Because it was a bit warmish today, all the snow from my slate roof slid off, landed on the metal porch roof, and then slid off again (which is lovely, keeps the roofs tip top) right onto the walk. Not only onto the walk, right in front of the door. Where I might have JUST finished shoveling. It left a good wall of snow there. Because I have to shovel a path to my oil fill and the electric meter, I started my path earlier than I planned, and walked a bit down it and threw the snow next to the hedges. This is getting a bit ridiculous. I mean really. If I were into snow sports, such as.. I dunno skiing, or ice fishing, or snowmobiling, I'd be thrilled to death. As it is, I only really enjoy snowshoeing, and not with my knee bad like it is.

We have now set the record for the snowiest December in the history or record keeping in NH. That doesn't make me, hater of the cold wet stuff, happy. Oh sure, I like to look at it. It's pretty, especially when the sun is shining (which is hasn't in like.. forever!) on it... and it makes the grey dreary landscape look nice and fresh. But enough is enough. We've gotten over 4 feet this month (we passed the record already, but they keep the record in another part of the state) and quite frankly if it doesn't snow again all winter, I will be more than happy, as winter just started last week.

Sadly, we are due for another storm tomorrow afternoon. Between 2-7. Which means not only do I have to go out and shovel, it will be in the dark. I have no ideas where I will put another 6-10 inches of snow. I might have to start mailing it off to people in warm places. Drop me a note if you'd like some.So before I go off to celebrate in the festivities (which have changed, due to Ms. Thang being sick and The Boy having the sneezes/runny nose (might as well be the bubonic plague), I leave you the run down of the photos. The top one is the pine trees in the back yard. I hate those trees, but they look purty and regal all covered with snow. The second one is the porch/walk/side yard. Notice the pile of snow to the left of the door. Let's just say it sucked and move on shall we? I don't know if you can tell (might have to click it bigger).. but the snow has filled in the yard inside the fence. My garland/lights might be out there until spring. And the last photo, is the front yard looking toward the town common. My little gate is almost buried, but due to the high snow pack, I can reach the bird feeders without a chair to stand on. BooYah!


Carly said...

blahhhhhhhh. Happy new year though B !!!

Gregory said...

Sure...mail me some! We could use a bunch down here!