Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Time, Time's Ticking.... Ticking... Ticking Away

When asked, I consider myself to be a knitter. I love knitting. I enjoy the soothing repetition of stitches going on the needle, and off, and back on etc. etc. etc. I knit continental, and therefore don't stop and do any "wrapping" of yarn around needles, so it flows pretty smoothly. When I am frazzled and stressed out and feel like my life is spinning out of control, knitting calms me. Sort of like yoga, or Pilates. Brings my focus back to where it needs to be, and gives me an outlet.
I would bet that if I had more time right now to commit to knitting or yoga or Pilates, I'd feel a lot better. Less frazzled, and more focused. As it is, this isn't the case. I mentioned earlier that the only thing I've been knitting lately is mini Santa hats. And, in case you were wondering, no I am not finished.

I have however finished 4 crocheted washcloths. I learned to crochet before I learned to knit (I am self taught in both) and do not feel that one form is better than the other. I find that for blankets, I'd much rather crochet. I've knit blankets (baby ones, as it is) and the weight of a blanket on needles is hard on your wrists. Also, knitting takes longer, so a crocheted blanket works up faster. Crochet uses more yarn, and makes a denser fabric, so while it's not that great for things such as sweaters (IMO, again, yummv) it's awesome for things such as washcloths. Aside from baby washcloths, I've never had a desire to create one, knit or crochet. I'm a poof kind of person. I don't use washcloths (although my son does, and loves them) aside from cleaning my house (I use thin cotton ones).
I found myself wanting to give 2 pampering gifts this year. One to my brother,s girlfriend, and one to my school nurse who takes such good care of me. After some quality time with google, and Ravelry, I found a posting someone made about a washcloth they made with Lion Brand Nature Spun Organic Cotton (or something like that). I had checked out this yarn at Michael's a few weeks prior and remembered that it was soft and squishy but I wasn't sure what I'd ever do with it. I'm more of a yarn shop type person, although Micheal's has it's plus's also.. and I'm not a straight cotton kind of person generally. I don't like how stiff and inflexible it is, nor do I like how hard it is on my hands. I have a hard time envisioning it for much, so I have been intrigued by this soft, squishy cotton yarn. Anyhow, you can get the patterns from the Lion Brand website, and I forget which one I used (there are 3 or 4 available and I downloaded them all) and they work up quick. I purchased soap from one of our students mom's who makes homemade soaps (click here) and have a lovely gift. My nurse will get Lavender with goats milk and honey, and the girlfriend will get peppermint. 2 more gifts, done.

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