Saturday, December 08, 2007

Define Good

Dear Santa,

I can explain.

It wasn't my intention to be so snarky over the past few days. It just kind of happened. It seems that for a few days before my monthly shows up, weird things go on with my mood and hormones, and I get cranky. Grumpy. Miserable. Rotten. You name it, it could probably describe me. On top of the normal grumps, I get a pretty pisser migraine that shows up for about 24 hrs before it finally packs up and leaves. One of those kinds that doesn't respond to any kind of pain meds. If you've never had a horrible headache Santa, it's a pretty miserable thing all by itself. When you are already feeling cranky, and then have a horrible headache, it's a lose-lose combo. Especially if you are trying to be good for Christmas.

I tried to warn them. I told them that I was going to be grumpy at the beginning of the week. Gave them time to get used to the idea. When Wednesday rolled around and I felt my mood begin to darken, I informed them that not only was I grumpy, that I was going to be more grumpy during the next few days. They knew. It wasn't like my cranky behavior showed up out of the blue and smacked them up the side of the head. (as much as *I* would have liked to smack them up the side of the head for being so uncooperative).

They knew I was grumpy, and they pushed my buttons. They took advantage of the ugly mood, and ran with it. I should point out, that Ms. Thang is very sensitive to my ugly moods, and didn't push a single button. Bring her an extra special sparkly. The other two should get coal. Extra hard. I thought I did a decent job of letting it all roll off, until the headache showed up. It was a double whammy this month, because it showed up late Thursday, and lasted until late last night. Those kinds are miserable..the ones that affect 2 days. It's hard to keep your cool when your feeling ugly, your head is about to split in half, and people are pushing your buttons. You understand don't you?

So if you need to pass over my house, or just *me*... it's OK. I'm a very understanding person.

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