Tuesday, December 18, 2007

In Which We Find.... An Apology

Ya'll.. I know.. I suck. I will admit it. I promised you daily blogging, and I haven't delivered. In the past, the December blogging has gone very well. I've had time to blog. I've had photos to blog. One year I wrote poetry. This year.. I just suck. In fact, I'm so lousy, these aren't even my photos. While we had a big Nor' Easter that gave us a foot of snow and some sleet over the weekend, my best friend had a kick arse ice storm that snapped power lines, took down trees and reeked havoc left and right. But it left a gorgeous scene behind... so in my sad attempt to divert you to how busy I am.. I give you borrowed photos. I know, I'm pathetic. It's just been nuts. I have had meeting, after meeting, after meeting. Board of this... budget that.... rehearings, PTO meetings, you name it.. I've met about it in the past 4 weeks. I have 2 more meetings tomorrow, and then I'm done for .. 2 weeks. Can I get an Amen?

In a series of uncontrollable events, Uncle Christmas (ie: family gathering of my brothers/siblings and their sig. others in which we consume too much food, tell too many stories, laugh a little too loud and have an otherwise enjoyable time) has been moved from last Sunday to this coming Saturday. Someone decided we didn't have enough snow last week, and we got another storm on Sunday. This worked out to my benefit, because Saturday turned out to be a doozy of a day and I don't know how I would've pulled it off and saved my sanity. As it is, because we're on a Saturday schedule, I'm taking a half a personal day on Friday and leaving at 12:00. The Boy is going to take half a day, we'll go out to lunch, go do our grocery shopping/errands and come home and start cooking/prep for the next day. I still haven't made Chocolate Chip cookies yet, and if I don't get to it this week, our gathering has gotten pushed back to 3pm to accommodate one of my brothers and I can just bake Saturday morning. I'm totally OK with that. We normally do a Saturday gathering (this was a hard year to plan) and I think from now on I'll take a half or full personal day on the Friday before. I don't know why it took me this many years to think of that.

My cards have been mailed. My gifts have been bought (shy of a few last minute stocking candies and goodies) and are all wrapped (I'm a wrap as you acquire kind of person) and our plans for visiting my in-laws on Monday (short of any snowfall) have been set. I have plans over the next 2 nights to make some mini breads for a few coworkers, finish knitting 9 mini Santa hats (I was able to put this off once we moved our gathering date, which was a bad move on my part.. I should've kept going) and then I'm done. I'm so ready for it to be ... I don't know when. I love Christmas, I really do. I'm just tired of being so busy.

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