Monday, December 24, 2007

And the Angels Cried....

I read somewhere, that for each "punch" that you take, and don't punch back, you gain a Karma Point. Like, say your DH bought a fabulous gift for his dad while on vacation over the summer, and his sister (who is hurting right now, so we'll cut her some slack) makes some crack about how with us all pitching in for a gift this year "dad won't get anymore boat themed crap" (the gift was a wooden sign with a row boat adhered to it that said, "I hope our ship comes in before the dock rots" and my FIL LOVED IT!).. and he doesn't say one word to her about it or make a big deal out of it when his dad opens the gift.. One Karma Point for him. Or say your BIL has been pissed off at you for an ENTIRE EFFING YEAR, over something that really he has no business being pissed off about and acts like a total asshat towards you and you just smile and be pleasant anyhow.. One Karma Point for you (or in this case, me.. and considering how awful he was today.. I think I earned 20).

But I have to say, the most Karma Points earned today go to my SIL and her husband. This last year kicked their ass. They laid their son to rest in early January, and miscarried over the summer. Between my SIL's birthday on the 13th, her DH's birthday on the 19th, and the anniversary of my nephew's death on the 20th, this has been a horrible few weeks for them. Now they have to put on a brave face, and deal with Christmas. What should have been a joyous and wonderful celebration is now awkward and painful. We go down early in the day, and leave in the afternoon so we can be back for 6:30 mass. Some years we get to see all DH's siblings, and others we don't. This year everyone came and it was really nice... but it was so hard to be there, with my children so happy and vibrant... and see how sad and devastated my SIL and her DH looked. That they even showed up is huge IMO, and if you are so inclined to send some good healing thoughts their way, I'll share some of my Karma Points with you.

Ok, anyhow.... don't you love my window decorations? (like that switch up?) I was flipping through a magazine after work Thursday, which was the LONGEST day ever (holiday parties and all that) and saw a similar idea on one of the pages. I was at Target with The Boy and Ms. Thang over the weekend, and picked up these great ornaments (15 for 4.99) and then some lovely velvet ribbon at Michael's. I think the whole project took maybe 15 minutes, and I love how it turned out. I put 5 ornaments on each of the 3 front room window rods.. all the windows have the ornaments hung in the same order at the same lengths. This is the only room that had the right kind of curtain/rod combo... but it really added something to the room and I feel rather pleased and even a bit clever for having done it. I apologize for the crappy photos, but the sun has been in short order lately and it was the best I had to work with that day.

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Bec said...

I do, I love those window decorations!!