Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Can't Get It Right.... Ever

just can't seem to get it right today

Sometimes, no matter what you do.. you are wrong. If you bitch because someone might be spending a LOT of fucking time at work, you're wrong. If you bitch because someone stays up until stupid fucking hours doing more work, you're wrong. If you bitch because some people bitch at you for working from home, and then turn around and do it themselves, you're wrong. And god fucking forbid, you bitch because someone told you they'd be home "shortly" at 4:15, and when asked what "shortly" meant, they said maybe an hour.. and so you left for a meeting at 6, and when you got home at 8:15 and someone still wasn't home, you called them and maybe were pissy. You're still wrong. And when someone says "shortly" at 8:15 and maybe you cop an attitude, you're more wrong.

just can't seem to get it right today

Because, it would seem, that I misunderstood the definition of "salary employee". I thought that when the hours in the contract said 7-3:30, that they meant 7-3:30, with the possibility that some days might be later. I didn't realize that what it really meant was, "whenever I feel like leaving, and also I will be working from home always." Stupid me. I didn't realize that I would have to ask that on Wednesdays, the busiest damn fucking day of the whole week, someone might actually leave on time because the kids have eleventy billion things going on, and I drum after school and don't get home until after 5:30. AND once a month I have to be back out at 6:00 for a meeting.

just can't seem to get it right today

I also didn't realize, that if the fucking mail server crashes on a Tuesday night for reasons unknown.. that not only would I be going to bed alone (because, you know... what the fuck, it might miraculously start working again)... but I was going to have to pull off Wednesday craziness all by myself. I misunderstood the part in the "40 hour work week" that says if the mail server crashes, one must stay until the god damn thing is fixed, no matter how many hours it takes, because apparently the school district can't survive without email. I don't know how the fuck they ever did it all those years before we had email, because holy hell... we can't get it to a point where we can finish tomorrow, because email is life or death. Who knew?

guess I'm going to give up

I mean Jesus, we had a crisis at our school today that involved the cops ending up at our building to remove a student. AND we had conferences and consultations and discussions.. all without the email, that wasn't working. People actually used their phones. And got off their asses and went to other people's classrooms. But this must not be normal, because come hell or high water, the fucking email must work by days end.


Felicia McB said...

so sorry you had a bad day! :::big hugs to you::
I've had those kinds of days, all you can do is hope the next one is better I guess, that's what I do anyway.
again ::great big hugs::

Gregory said...

Man,,,I am so glad my e-mail is up and working. I might have had to actually face someone; that should never happen! Sorry you had such a bad day sweets...where can it honestly go from there?

tspwlv said...

Amen sister. I totally hear you. There's really nothing that needs to be said. Either you get it, or you're a man, and don't.

I'm really sorry about your friend, too. Big hugs going out to both of you.