Friday, April 25, 2008

Please Come to Boston in the Springtime.....

Yesterday we left early and spent the whole day in Boston. I love Boston.. but I particularly love it in the spring.. when all the trees are flowering and the city is clean and fresh again and full of new life. We decided to take advantage of the nice weather and walk the Freedom Trail from one end to the other (well, and then we walked it back again.. whew was I tired!). I've been to many of the places along the trail, or walked by them or seen them etc.. but never in one planned trip specifically focused on absorbing the history of it. My children have been to very few and not in a while so it was a whole new thing for them. Ms. Thang just finished studying the Revolutionary War in school so she particularly enjoyed it.

Because we were being so touristy anyhow.. we went to Cheers for lunch and ate outside at the "Cafe at Cheers" which was lovely, minus how the hostess pissed of The Boy. We took photos of all the things and did the typical touristy photos of the kids sitting in front of fountains and on the Democratic Donkey in front of the site of the old Boston Latin School. Mr. Man stood in opposition on the footsteps on the ground in front of it, as he's a republican, but they both were sports and let me take some photos of them with the donkey and on it. They didn't complain too much and we had a lovely day.

What I most enjoyed, other than just being there, was exploring the North End. I love the old Italian shops and stores and restaurants. I like that as you get further away it's quieter and quaint and we saw an old Italian Nana looking out her top floor window watching people go by below her. My favorite spot was the little garden behind the Old North Church. What a gorgeous little gem. You could sit there all day and just enjoy being there, tucked away in the back courtyard of the church. I have roots in the North End. My Nana raised my grandmother there after she came over from Sicily. I like to wander about and wonder where she lived and what she did and how my grandmother grew up. Lovely way to spend a day.


Jeanne said...

I made a visit to Boston myself about a month or so ago and have near the same pic from the cemetery. lol. Love Boston!

Cassandra Puddlemere said...

I live here and am never surprised by the city's beauty. My mother was raised in the North End on Hanover St. and the stories she tells of growing up make me wish I could turn back time and do my childhood all over again. right then and there.