Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Love Your Mother , Earth

Dear Children,
As I see you every day (whether you want me to or not), I am a little immune to your growing up. Every once in a while it takes me by surprise how big you are both getting. Like when I realize that your shoes are bigger than mine, or when you move up into "ladies" sizes and have feet as big as your aunt. I was taken back the day that I stood next to one of you, and realized that you are just "that much" bigger than I am. It makes me feel old, and a little sad.

Sunday, as I hung out the clothes on the line (YAY for warm days in April), I had another one of those moments. I used to be able to fit a lot more items on each line on the inside part of the clothes line. Until I got to some of the longer lines, most sections had one or two items. I realized that Mr. Man and I wear the same size in men's clothes. Not that I would want to share clothes with him, but I totally could. I also realized that my baby girl is in her last "girls" size (well, sort of)... and soon will move into Juniors.

I am not ready yet for all of this. I am not ready for you to be staying up until 10pm, and going away for retreats with your youth group(glad you had fun) or calling to tell me where you are after school and asking when I want you home. I'm not ready for school dances and crushes and what was your father thinking when he bought that razor and shaving cream. How can I be old enough to have a son who is going to have his first shave this week?

Slow down a little. Stop giving me so much hormonal driven attitude and be nice to your sister. Don't leave "I love _______ (boy of the week)" notes lying around so I can read them. Stop driving each other crazy and for the love of god cut me some slack will you? I'm doing the best I can.

Love, Mom

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