Monday, April 14, 2008

Long Day Is Over

Ms. Thang went on a field trip to Boston to the Museum of Science today. She took my little point and shoot digital camera and snapped this pic of the harbor. I think she was aiming to get a pic of the gulls, but I love the skyline and water and am glad she shared her day with me.

My friend is back in the hospital. We were going to go visit her Sunday afternoon, as they released her to go home on Saturday.. but Sunday morning they took her by ambulance to the ER in respiratory distress.

 They think maybe it's thrush, maybe pneumonia. There are too many tumors in her lungs for them to get a good idea of what's wrong so she's on antibiotics and resting. Hopefully she'll get home tomorrow. Another friend and I went over this afternoon and did some cleaning at her house. It seemed like such a trivial thing, like we could be doing some much more... something, anything. But I know that if she gets home tomorrow she'll appreciate it a whole lot.

I find that I'm crabby and short fused and quick to grouch and snap lately. I don't mean to be, but I'm just so fucking pissed off at the world right now. I'm pissed off at the doctor, who she idolized and who I feel didn't do right by her. I'm pissed off that her children are going to lose their mother at such a young age. I'm pissed off that her daughter is going to graduate from HS this year and she most likely isn't going to be there to see it. I'm pissed off that her son is going to miss out on having his mom when he needs her the most. That her fiance, who hopefully will get to be her husband soon, will be cheated out of his life with her. I'm pissed off that we won't have her around anymore. I'm pissed off that she is dying because it's so fucking unfair. I know it's petty sounding and I don't care. It's my blog and I'll cry if I want to.

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Carly said...

I'm so, so sorry

and it's NOT petty at all