Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time For a Change....

Spring is a time for new beginnings. Yesterday we bought a new table/chair set for our back yard. I commented to "The Boy" that we must be grown ups now. We've had a plastic table/chair combo that we at Wal-Mart in our back yard since the summer after we bought our house. It was cheap and practical and it served us well. However, it didn't fit us anymore. Or more so, we didn't fit it. It was nice to just sit at, but if we wanted to have dinner outside, or friends over there wasn't enough room.

Since last year I've been on the hunt for a set that wasn't going to break the bank, and wasn't too "formal"-ish. Yesterday, I found it. The tiles on the top are actual floor tiles, and if they break, or we get tired of them, we can buy new tiles and change the look. One day, maybe next year... I want to have some loam brought in and level out that area some.. and make a patio out of stones or something. I have a vision that is slowly coming to be. The coolest part.. is that I put that table together all by myself. YAY for me!

The weather forecast for this week has changed from cool and cloudy to warm and beautiful. I look forward to sitting out there and having lunch, long conversations with The Boy, and maybe even some knitting.

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