Saturday, April 19, 2008

Welcome To Spring Break

Halle-effing-leiah. One whole glorious week off from school. The only solid plans I have for the whole week.. are to get my teeth cleaned on Wed. afternoon and go with the kids to get our haircut. YAY for no plans. I think we might head into Boston Thursday. Ms. Thang is going on a field trip with the Girl Scouts on Tuesday to the Christa McAuliffe Planetarium.. so Thursday looks like it will have the best weather to go to Boston. Although, they said the high for today would be 73 and it was 81 at my house and 86 in Keene when I was there doing errands. Lovely spring day.

I managed to get my back yard all raked up... leaves, pine needles, dog debris etc. I hung my tree swing (all by myself!), and we got a new outdoor table set for the back yard. I hope to post more about that tomorrow so I'll be quiet about it now... but I'm wicked excited.

 Normally I start raking on the side of the house that has our porch, but I do the hedges last and I hate the half done look.. so I started in the back this year, and raked all the way up to the swing tree... so I'm pretty tickled that part of the yard is done! We had a discussion about have the pine trees removed and taking down the rest of the rotting fence and putting up more hedges in their place. I think in the long run it will be better than a fence, and the birds love the hedges.

My friend is doing Ok, for those of you who are wondering. She had a really rough day yesterday. I guess hospice has a list of "end of life signs" or something similar.. and they've already checked off half the list. But anyhow, she was talking crazy and looked horrible and insisted she wasn't going to live another week etc. etc. But she's on morphine to help her breath (not cuz she's in pain) and they lowered the dose today and she's much better. Looks better, more alert etc. Her goal right now is to make it to hear her daughters speech at graduation and meet her college roommate. The Dr.s don't seem to think she has that long. Our goal for her, is that she is able to get married and not suffer too much. My own goal, is to see her one more time before she dies. I was going to go over today, but DH is sneezy and snuffly and crap.. and I refuse to be a germ carrier and make her sick, so yet again I stayed home. Your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated more than you know. Thank You.

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Meghan said...

I am so sorry about your friend.